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Does anyone have any pictures of the boar they have killed in tennessee you can email me at
[email protected] or just post the pictures here. Where would be the best place to hunt the boar in tennessee? Does anyone know how to make a homemade hog feeder? I am wanting to feed the hogs to keep them on the property. Has there been any dieases in the boar that is in tennessee? Any info would be great thanks.

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here's ya a pic of a tn boar.

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one cheap feeder is to get a section (or several) of sewer pipe, it's black, flexible and available at home depot or such stores, flatten and wire one end shut, cut a bunch of 3/4 inch holes in about a dozen or so spots, tie one end to a tree or a post with a sturdy rope, fill with corn, the pigs will root it around to shake the corn out, and drive them nuts, make sure you put it near a hog trail or an established feeding area, you may want to scatter some corn around the area so they find it, hope this helps.

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