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Boar meat question for tnhoundsman

Since you hunt boar and bear often and live in the same state I live and plan to hunt both Ill just stick to asking you the questions I have. How does boar taste? I had a boar sausage stick once and I thought it was pretty good.

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Boar meat question for tnhoundsman

I'd like to know too!

Haven't hunted wild hogs yet, but I'd like to go south and try one of these days. I'd also like to know if boar or sow is better and if size makes a difference in how it tastes.

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Boar meat question for tnhoundsman

Even though I aint tnhoundsman I have killed several hundred Hogs in my days.
Taste depends mostly on what the Boar or Sow eats, how hot the Hog has gotten before killed, and how you dress it after the kill.
With any hog, which do not have sweat glands, killing it before it runs and overheats will drasticly improve the taste of the meat. Just as importantly , getting the meat cooled ASAP will also help. Cutting the testicals out as soon as you reach the downed boar will also help.

Age will also hurt the taste....a young sow being the best bet, preferably corn fed!!
With all that said....sausage that is made by a knowledgable butcher can hide most of the "gamey" taste inherent in wild boar meat.
Boar or Sow? Sausage it wont matter. Steaks or roasts...stick with a young sow.

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Boar meat question for tnhoundsman

it is vital that once the hog is killed that the meat get cooled and on ice to drain the blood out, cause proper care for the meat is vital especially in the bigger boars. i like to let mine sit in the ice for at least 3-6 hours before wrapping for the freezer, i personally skin and quarter then freeze. after that it is all in how ya wanna fix it. i smoke most of what i get for around 6 hours over a good hickory or apple wood. that is usually enough to tenerise it and give it a little extra flavor. i need to get out and checkout some of my local hog hunting holes sense the meat supply is getting low and now you've got me wanting to fire the smoker.

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