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Boar Hunting (Bullet selection)

Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum and new to the hunting sport. Me and a buddy will be going on our first hunt in Feb of 05 for wild pig and would like to ask you experinced guys a question or two.

First: Both will be shooting 308 Win
Location: Northern CA

Question is bullet selection: I asked a few people this question and got a different answer each time. What bullet do you guys recommend and what weight?

I have bought a box of Nosler Partions in 165gn and Nosler Ballistic Silver Ballistic Tip in 180gn.

My buddy is leaning twards the Hornady line of bullets in the 150gn range.

Another question is are sidearms needed?

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Boar Hunting (Bullet selection)

I'm not going to give you the answer you want... All of those bullets will kill a pig just fine. Some of the guys on here will be able to talk to you about expansion and velocity, etc... The most important part of killing a pig is hitting him right behind the shoulder from whatever range you are at.

And this is where bullet selection comes in. If you have two exact factory identical rifles of any calibre, they will each "like" a different bullet. Maybe one will like a 165gr hornaday, and the other will like a 150gr hornaday. One rifle may group less than 1" with a 165gr Winchester and the same rifle will group 2" with a 165gr Remington with the same bullet weight and velocity.

SO THIS IS THE FUN PART!!! You get to shoot a 5 shot group with all the different bullets you can afford to try. You should buy 3 or 4 boxes and your buddy should buy 3 or four boxes of different weights /brands than you did. You'll have 6-8 different brands and weights to shoot groups with. (Some people who are well practiced only shoot 3 shot groups but I always do 5 - only counting the 3 closest bullets and writing off the outer 2 as human error)

A little trick - don't aim at the bullseye. You're not trying to hit a bullseye, you're trying to see which bullets work best with your gun. The best place to aim is right at the bottom of the target, where the black meets the white. You want the cross hairs to be in the EXACT same place everytime you pull the trigger. Also - no matter how much you want to, DO NOT lift your cheek off the rifle until all 5 shots are done. This ensures your body is in the same position for all 5 squeezes.

You will see a difference. In my 30-06 win mag it was a BIG difference of about 2.5" at 100 Yards... multiply that times 200 or 300 Yards and you have a possible Gut shot if you have to take a shot that's not "Text Book" perfect conditions. It doesn't matter how well the bullet performs if it doesn't hit the vitals.

As far as carrying a sidearm, it's not "necessary" but it's a hell of a lot more fun!!! I always carry my .44 (even when I leave my rifle to answer the "call of nature" - That way if a pig runs out while I'm doing my thing I can pinch it off and then squeeze one off - LOL)

Those are my .05 cents worth.


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Boar Hunting (Bullet selection)

Where in california are you and were will you look for pigs? i used to live in atascadero and i would suggest hunter ligget if it is still open. there are some national forest camp sites way back there near the ocean with fish in the stream.

INow that we are nearer to Santa Maria i need to find out if there are pigs down here too.. probable just as well to head up to Ligget though.

just curious to know what rifle you are using.. if it is that same as your friends... i don't know if that matters in choosing different bullets for your rifles.. i suppose it would affect accuracy no matter what differences but probably not noticable.

my wife and i are also new to hunting and i bought us both remingtion 700s in 30 06. i am disabled so we hope to find ways to hunt without having to walk to far. My uncle is a meat cutter so i'm trying to talk him into gettng back into the business to help me take care of my meat.... the wife likes to cook?

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