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Blueprinted Remington 700 tactical 308 +100 rds match ammo

For those of you who might ask why I am selling this newly finished rifle, the answer is I recently found out that my GF and I are having another baby and I have made a personal decision against my GF's wishes to sell this rifle. I tried to explain to her the rifle will not help feed, clothe, diaper or keep a roof over the baby's head as long as it sits in my gun locker. She asked me if I would regret selling it and I told her absolutely not, my children and their welfare are way more important to me than ANY firearm I could own whether I invested so much time and $$$ into it or not. I have NEVER shot this weapon so everything is basically brand new. I am not hurting for $$$ by any means so please do not PM with lowball offers, I would just prefer to be ahead when this baby arrives.

I do honest business, if you have questions PLEASE feel free to ask them. I have 100% feedback on EVERY forum I have bought and sold on, you can also look me up on Ebay under the name Southernfryedyankee as I have 100% feedback there also. I am asking $2750 TYFFL for this complete rifle or $1925 TYFFL WITHOUT the scope. I will only sell the scope seperatly AFTER the rifle itself sells unless someone buys the package. The price IS negotiable within reason. If this rifle does not sell it will not hurt my feelings 1 bit and I will keep it, shoot it and love it. I am not sure what she weighs but I am pretty sure you do not want to take her on a huntin trip where you will be walking alot HAHAHAHA

The specs for this rifle are as follows

Remington 700 completely trued and blueprinted remington 700 receiver which has a NICE heavy recoil lug on it . Scope mount holes opened up for 8-40 screws.

Remington hinged floorplate

Rock Creek 24" M24 countour 1-11.25" twist 308 barrel.

Wild Dog SA-TA2 stock which was painstakingly painted/camoed by me. Stock has been pillar and epoxy bedded.

EGW HD base (also opened for 8-40) and EGW scope 30MM rings.

Vortex Viper PST 4-16x50 FFP MRAD turrets MRAD reticle

Harris Bipod 9-12"

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