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BLM Maps for Garmin GPS

Good afternoon BGH Forum Members,

Just dropped in to announce the release of my BLM land ownership maps for Garmin GPS units in New Mexico, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona. It is designed to be just like your paper BLM and National Forest Maps, but with the ADDED BONUS of having your location plotted on it wherever you go. This can be very useful when hunting portions of BLM and State Land that aren't marked very well or may not have fence lines.

These maps are very simple to use. If the GPS shows your location on a yellow background, you are on BLM land - blue background = state land . . . etc
No messing with coordinates or translating your location to a paper map!

Here is a screenshot from a Garmin Oregon 300

Here are links to the maps for each state

Montana Garmin GPS Map
Arizona Garmin GPS Map
Colorado Garmin GPS Map
Idaho Garmin GPS Map
Nevada Garmin GPS Map
New Mexico Garmin GPS Map
Utah Garmin GPS Map
Wyoming Garmin GPS Map

More info at