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I know very little about

I know very little about blacktail deer, but from i know, it seems like that is a very big one - antlers and body.  Is it a big one?

Sorry about the yellow jackets.  Not something you'd expect happen to you while recovering your deer.  I am glad you're ok, it could have been worse.  Some people are allergic to the stings so you are fortunate.  I used to get stung by bees a lot when I was a kid, but it has been a while.  I still remember they hurt so I feel your pain.

Good job at getting the deer and getting through a tough situation.

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Nice deer...

Nice deer... congrats!!!!!!!!!!

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oh man!

Oh man!  I'm somewhat allergic to bee stings so your story is down right scary to me!

If I had been hit by those yellow jackets I would have no choice but to evacuate the area and abandon the quad for a couple hours.

Congrats on bagging the deer and on recovering both it and your quad!

Watch out for thsoe little buggers, they are NASTY! If you have any allergic tendencies at all - or even none at all, it is a wise thing to carry some Benadryl or a similar anti-histamine with you at all times.  A couple of pill tablets won't take up any space or add any noticeable weight in your day pack or glove compartment but they could literally be life savers for you or for someone else.

I highly recommend putting a few in your cars, trucks, ATVs, and day packs!



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I havent hunted blacktail

I havent hunted blacktail since i moved from Cali 16 yrs ago....but i did for manys years and that is one nice buck!

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Looks like a trophy for sure from what I've read of Blacktails! Great job, great shot, congrats! Sorry bout the stings.

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Pretty oldd post but just

Pretty oldd post but just caught something. How did you get that photo hunting alone? Did you carry a tripod? Beautiful animal!

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Good question.

I usually set my camera on rocks and use the ten second timer and take a whole bunch of pics. Im usually worn out from running back and forth after the photo shoot.

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