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Blacktail deer Behavior

Hi all, I'm a behavioral researcher and I am doing my graduate research on antipredator responses of blacktail deer to models of predators (mtn lion, jaguar, etc.) and to a live human approacher. I'm measuring all sorts of antipredator and flight behaviors in hopes of learning more about how these guys assess risk. One aspect of the project is comparing a nonhunted site (Point Reyes Nat. Seashore north of SF Bay) with a hunted site (near Bodega Bay, CA). I'm trying to learn what aspects of the approacher and the environment influence flight distance, flight behavior, and other antipredator behaviors. I'm looking for some funding though and it's been rough going. The only private sources I've found to apply to are Pope & Young, Foundation for Blacktail Deer, and CA Deer Association. I'm looking for suggestions for other hunting organizaitons that fund research or people interested in privately supporting my project with donations of funds or equipment. ([email protected] for private inquery)

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Blacktail deer Behavior

Might try the Mule Deer Foundation since I have read the blacktail is a sub-species of the muley. I'm not sure if they fund research though...

Good luck with finding funding and the research.

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