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Black Powder hunting in North West Colorado

Let me start off saying that I know no one wants to give away there secret areas that they hunt, and that is totally fine.  

I drew for male mule deer and either sex elk for Colorado GMU 11, 211, 13, and 131.  I'm most interested in 211.  I've been scouting out the area and haven't seemed to find much in the way of elk.

I should mention that I drew for black powder.  I'm a little concerned that the low elevations won't produce any elk.

Are these concern legitimate?  Will I be finding elk in the 6000-8000' elevation range?

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

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There are elk there

Check the Hills around the ColoWyo Mine, or whatever it's called now.  It's outfitted by Morgan Creek Ranching For Wildlife, but surrounded by small parcels of BLM that elk will occasionally stray onto.

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211 black powder elk

Yes I would say that your concerns about the elk are correct. I have hunted 11 & 211 for elk but it was late season around mid to late December and even then with out a heavy snow they were few. I would spend my time hunting for a good buck and then after you take one then poke around in the higher country for a cow elk I'm shure there are a few but very few.But those units will make for a great deer hunt. 

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Thanks for your replies.  I

Thanks for your replies.  I greatly appreciate it.

I plan on heading out there and if I don't see anything… no big deal.  At least I wasn't in the office.

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That's the spirit and who

That's the spirit and who knows you may just happen on one of those critters that is lost or something.  I have seen elk in the strangest places that you would never expect to see them at the oddest times. 

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I like your attitude. Tag

I like your attitude. Tag soup is better than any soup in the office.

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