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I agree with the others, I

I agree with the others, I would be surprised if someone got on your case for that shot. If you have the gear for it, and more importantly, have practiced enough at that range (and it sounds like you have) than 550 yards is not a problem. Given cooperative wind conditions that is. Congratulations on that buck. He looks great but you have to find somebody to take a picture of you with it next time haha. I am just giving you crap. I struggle with the auto timer on my camera every time when I am out there on my own and it usually takes my half an hour to just get one decent picture.

That is a great looking rifle. And I would say that you have the right glass on it for long range shooting. That is an awesome rig and I would say with confidence that you have made more than one of us jealous. Once again, congratulations on the buck!