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Black Bear Task Force?

Looks like Maryland is going commando on black bears.

I'm sure reinstating a bear hunting season in Maryland will fuel some fires within the Anti Hunting Population in the Northeastern United States.

Maryland Bear Management Plan Calls for Hunt

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Black Bear Task Force?

Just have to see, it is still a long ways until the fall, and last ditch maneuvering could derail the hunt plans.

I can't remember for sure, but I think NJ approved a hunt in 2002 then at the last moment it was blocked. The block wasn't removed until 2003.

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Black Bear Task Force?

They blocked it in 2000 (NJ). Then tried to block it again in 2003. The first time around the division of fish and wildlife caved under the presure after the governor (Cristy Whitman) asked them not to hold the hunt because of the presure she was under. This time around the governor did not make that request because the problem was conpounded many times from the initial reason for the hunt. The governor does not have the power to stop the hunt (Division of fish and wildlife sets the seasons on game animals) but, they do have a lot of influence.

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