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Black bear / spot and stalk

Looking into the best bet for a great experience and a trophy black bear. Any suggestions on places and outfitters that would offer a good spot and stalk opportunity? We've done drop bou hunts and Kodiak deer/duck combos and cherished both. Blackies are next.


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Black bear / spot and stalk

A good bet to find a trophy black bear in AK would be to visit the Prince Of Whales Island area just East of Ketchikan. It is said some of the largest black bear in the world can be found on this island and on the outliing islands due to the fact of there being an abundance of salmon runs to fatten up on, and little compitition from other preditors. There are no Brownies on these islands. My fisrt one was a 6 foot 7 inch 450 lb. spring bear taken in late April, and he was not hte biggest one seen on the trip. There are plenty of lodges in the Craig/ Klawock area, or even in Ketchikan that will guide bear hunts to this area.

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Black bear / spot and stalk

There is an outfitter that runs a 73 foot yacht in the islands south of Ketchikan named Dennis Kay,he outfitts for those giant blackbears and knows the area very well been doing it for about 25 years.1 800 725 3913 [email protected]

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