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Black Bear photo's 6 Ft "8"

This is the bear that was hitting of and on. He came in on June 17th at 9:05pm and I got the hunt on video. I took him with a slug at 16 yards and he ran 20 yards . This was just outside of Thompson, Manitoba Canada. While skinning him out we had another bear huffing and puffing at us. That got the adrenelene going. He measured in at 6Ft "8" and the head may be over 20 will have to wait for official scoring.
I have better photos on digital but cannot upload as the error says the file is to big for the allowed size. ( anyway to make the file smaller?)
Thanks to those who gave me some advice on the forum.

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Black Bear photo's 6 Ft "8"

nice black good shootin man

I am a true believer in the one shot one kill method

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Black Bear photo's 6 Ft "8"

Great bear. Congrats

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