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Black Bear

Are black bear legal to hunt in west virginia? I am from texas and will be hunting there during november. and i heard there were bear there

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Black Bear

Here are the regs for West Virginia ib pdf format. You can access the division of natural resources in WV if you type West Virginia DNR into your search engine. This link will take you to the bear regs only.


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Black Bear

Monday 31 oct thur Saturday 5 Nov
there are 4 county that have gun hunting I will be there will hunting bear
Then next gun hunt is after deer gun
starting around 5 dec
have fun good luck
"no bear hunting during deer gun season'

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Black Bear!

Try Randolph Co.! it's really beautiful and there are bear in the Elkins area.

Bear Heaven

I do most of my climbing there and have seen scat and tracks.

also Otter creek wilderness and Spruce Knob are close by just check the Regs before hunting

enjoy and good luck!

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