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blachtail vs mulie

Is there a border in washington or oregon that determines species, I'm 90% sure in California blacktails are considered west of Interstate 5.Although I have killed several deer in the d zones that have the same horn characteristics as blacktails, dark horned, large beams, small rack. According to Calif. fish and game there are six species of deer here

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I believe both states

I believe both states consider mule deer to be east of the Cascade Crest as the legal definition, but biologists recognize the intermixing

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The difference I always

The difference I always notice first is in the antlers. Mule deer and blacktail both have what is called bifuricasted antler's. That is there is no main beam to speak mof but rather they branch off with two points the start a new branch. White tail on the other hand all the points branch off of one main beam. Also you'll notice a whitetail's tail is more like a flag and the black tail and mule deer more like a rope.

What you were refering to I believe was the divideing ling between mule deer and blacktails. I think that like is east of I5. almost to the crest of the Cascades. Someone may have to correct me on that.

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black tail

By odfw defintions is mule deer east of the cascades crest and black tails are west of the crest, EX is correct by intermixing. I think by record book qualification black tails must be taken from places west of I-5. atleast in oregon I'm not sure of wash or calif

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It also depends how far south

It also depends how far south you are in CA.  I am at the southern end, and it's all the mule deer or mule deer hybrids here.  No blacktails.

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