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Big Game Turkeys!

Wow! I'm supprised to find there is no special topic for turkey hunters. Here in Arkansas turkey is classified as big game along with deer, bear, & elk. Of course our deer & bear don't get as big as I hear they do further north. Our gun season is over here. I miss 2 chances, the last was a hen I was calling up after flushing her a away from the rest of the flock. I stoped calling to shoulder my shotgun when she was about 20 feet away through a thicket of cedar & briar. After I went silent she started moving toward another hen from her flock who was also yelping in the distance. I waited for her to cross a clearing but she went around and I went home the last day of season empty handed and burning with turkey fever worst than ever

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Big Game Turkeys!

You did a lot better than I did, I had an entire hill between me and bird that should have been mine!

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