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Big Enough?

How's this one grab you?

You may have seen this before. I received it in an email some time ago and can't remember the story. Oops!
Sure looks nice to me though, and thought I would share it with those that may be interested. 8)

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Big Enough?


Wish that you had more info on it. Where taken, weight and height.

I don't have any experance guessing weight but if a big one is around 180lbs that one has to be over 200lbs

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Big Enough?

I have seen that pic before, If my memory serves me right, that one was taken somewhere around Seattle WA. I think he was predator calling.

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Big Enough?

That's not big by Canadian standards:

My house cat came home one day with a moose in it's mouth But I also never tell the truth when a lie will do. neener! neener! neener!

BIG cat, would love to know the weight !

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Big Enough?

I heared that it was 190 pounds and it was called in by Bellevue, Wa. with a predator call.

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Big Enough?

Here we go again.......LOL!

Read here


or here.


Second url is the full story from the local paper with an interview with the hunter, not the fellow ( JJ Hack) in the photo.

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Big Enough?

This picture is four or five years old. The cat was taken on a guided hunt in BC, the guide was JJ Hack , and the cat was one of the best ever taken in BC. JJ said the hunter he was guiding didn't even realize how big this cat was, and was not impressed! I saw this picture when it was new over on the African hunting forum on Accurate Reloading. BIG cat!

Oops! PS: after reading the trophy tracking bulliten, maybe this isn't the picture I saw from JJ. No matter, It's still a big cat, no matter where it came from! Big smile

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