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I am dying to plan a 2012 hunt out west but do not really know where to start.

Who all on this forum are guides that can provide details on what you will offer in 2012 for elk hunts?

I know I need to start now (2011) to apply for hunts - at least I will have two years to work toward getting a permit... but I do not know which area to apply for...

Any and all details are appreciated!

Seems to make sense to try to use someone on this forum - at least this is a way to get to know a guide....

I can not afford a full blown guided hunt - at least I do not think I can... but a horse trip, a camp in the Rockies and a 2:1 guided hunt is what I am shooting for (pun intended).

I would consider rifle or bow... although I am shooting only 62 lbs with the bow - not sure if that is adequate for the elk? The bow will go to 70 lbs and I can probably work up that, particularly if I am shooting off of the ground... and not from a tree stand like we do out here in the east.



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Wll Jim, your first order

Wll Jim, your first order of business is to decide what type of weapon/species.  Sounds like you want to do an elk hunt for sure.  The next order is to start cruising websites and looking over outfitters.  You will also need to target a state.  In Montana I-161 just eliminated 5500 outfitter tags and placed them in the general pool, so applying in 2011 will probably get you a tag, so you probably would not need to apply this year.  I would expect to see draw odds in Montana close to 100% over the next couple seasons. 

You'll also need to establish your budget with all "hunt cost" factored in.  Also, I wouldn't limit yourself to outfitters on this website or any other.  You'll need to have a phone conversation or two with an outfitter to see if he is a good fit for what your looking for.  Sometimes I talk to perspective cleints that just don't fit with our operation.  I feel there is no sense booking a hunt when you feel like the client may be better suited for a different hunt. 

After all that, start working the references and try to get a feal for the outfit.  Make sure references are current and include "first timers".  Also, get references from drop camps, semi-guided,full guided, rifle and bow, to get a better idea for over all performance of outfit. 

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mike eastman has wrote a

mike eastman has wrote a couple of different books.  one on elk and one on mule deer.

in his books he talks about sniffing out an outfitter and sniffing out a hunting area.  you should try and find those books and look at what he has to say about it. 



mile high outfitters in central idaho are a good reputable company. 

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Jim, 62 pounds is more than

Jim, 62 pounds is more than adequate for elk.  However, given the rifle that you won, and another that you may win this month, you gotta nreak those in, yes??? lol

How long are you considering taking?  Will it be just a 5 day hunt or so, or one of those "whatever it takes" hunts?

I know they are more expensive, but I have always wanted to do a horseback elk hunt.  Kinda adds to the whole ambiance thing.


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Hope this helps Jim

I am new to BGH, in fact I just signed up today. I hope the information I provide helps you. I am a professional guide in Wyoming, and I guide for my Grandfather who is a outfitter here. So I can only give you information on Wyoming. In my opinion Wyoming is good, and sometimes great. However for the non resident you have to put in for a draw for elk,deer,sheep,mtn goat and moose. Elk, and deer are usually fairly easy to draw, however getting enough points for moose could take many years. There are some great areas in the state depending on what your going to hunt. So going through the draw can be greatly rewarding. If you need any detailed info on Wyoming areas,ect let me know. I'll do all I can to help you.

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