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Betadine for scent control

I posted this in the "tips" section but thought I'd post it here too, because I don't really know how much attention that area gets

Being a bowhunting I've always been fanatical about scent control.  Whether it's sprays, carbon clothing etc. I've tried it.  The best thing that I have found for eliminating human scent is Betadine.  It's been used in hospitals and homes for decades as a defense against infections on minor scrapes and burns.  It can typically be found near the pharmacy in any of the major "one stop shop" stores, and a bottle will last multiple hunting seasons.

Before every hunt possible I will shower and scrub every inch of my body with a liberal amount of betadine on a washcloth.  What this accomplishes is to kill the odor producing bacteria that lives on your skin.  With the bacteria eliminated you can sweat profusely without any body odor (could come in handy on a first date too!).  Being that it is an iodine based solution it does have an odor of it's own, so I always follow up the betadine scrub with a scent free soap.

I think that this could be handy for the western hunters also, because of it's long term control.  I plan on soaking some shop towels in betadine to bring on my backpack hunt this fall.  You'll be amazed at how long it takes to get "funky" after a good scrub with this stuff.

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Betadine for scent control

Interesting, I've never heard of that, but can see the reasoning.

Actually, I wonder what the active ingredient is for most of those sprays anyway? Maybe it is based on the same thing?


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