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Best stand or tree?


We talked about this some time ago... why is it some stands or climbing trees simply give up deer after deer after deer - year in and year out?

My favorite seemed to have it all - it was a crooked 12" oak tree on the edge of a beaver swamp - but consider this:

* water year round

* close to agriculture - 150 yards or so

* dense thicket not more than 20 yards away

* another dense thicket on the other side of the creek - 100 yards away

* a fairly good hill between the stand and the ag - and it was always laced with rubs ansd scrapes

This is the best stand I know if in 30+ years of hunting.

What is yours and tell us the circumstances!

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Former Stand

I know what you mean, some stands are like magnents.  I had one like this until the property was sold and logged out, but before that happened I had this portable stand in a very large old tree that was on the top of a hill in the open hardwoods.  Right where my stand was located was a fringe area that bordered very old in-grown, thick farm fields.  You couldn't walk in these thickets, you would have to get down and crawl in order to move around and there were only a couple open trails that ATV's used for fun, but right where my stand was on the edge of the open woods had a nice small area that had little openings.  You could only get a 10 yd shot  and roughly 30 yds away was an open ATV trail running parallel with the border and making a hard right angle perpendicular to me.  I found that the deer, mostly bucks loved to move through this specific area, lots of good cover, wind was typically right etc.  I would typically take a buck opening day or archery or rifle every season here.  Rarely enough I barely saw a doe in this area, always bucks!

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My favorite "stand" was

My favorite "stand" was actually a ground blind built against a really nice sized rock.  My father and I, plus a buddy, took 5 bucks in 2 years within 30 yards of the rock.  It backed up against a small cedar/pine swamp, was 75 yards from an overgrown orchard and 200 yards from the same thing in another direction, and beyond both orchards were cornfields.  It was just a little 75-80 acres patch of woods, actually surrounded on all 4 sides by agricultural fields.

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Ca-V, it sounds like you had

Ca-V, it sounds like you had a honey hole to hunt there. Thumbs up

I would say my best tree to hunt out of was on the high-water mark bordering a semi-dry swamp. First of all, it was my favorite stand until it blew down a couple of weeks ago. I'm still in search of a comparable stand location.
We have killed 6 or 7 bucks and 3 hogs out of that stand in the past two years. I killed my biggest buck, my wierdest buck and the only buck with inside stickers.
It usually produces some bucks and does each year.
From the middle of the swamp, each way toward the AG fields, it's only about 400 yards. Our side consists of 10 year old cutover land sprouting pines and populars. It's as thick as hair on a dogs back. Perfect bedding site for big bucks and does, not to mention hogs. The other side pretty much mirrors our land with the taller timber on each end of each side creates about a 800 yard wide funnel. But in essense, the deer really travel the middle 2 hundred of the swamp. Usually, you can kill a deer there any rime you go hunting. But we try to be selective and only shoot mature bucks

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This year was the first year

This year was the first year of what I think will be many eventful years from my favorite stand.  I've wanted to put a stand there for several years, but my dad had a blind in the middle of the woodlot about a hundred yards away.  Not wanting to encroach on him, I never put one there.  However, this spring, we decided to change how we hunt the property and move all stand locations to the edges of the woodlot with AG fields behind us.  Dad picked a good location in the SW corner of the woodlot as his #1 stand and this left this great funnel along the W edge of the woods for my #1.  

I have 9 stand locations set up around this woodlot with two more going up next year.  I've done this so that I won't burn out stands and can have several options regardless of wind direction.  However, my #1 stand has turned out to be my best stand by far.  I've had deer after deer after deer walk by at 30 yards or less this year.  I feel I have probably burned the stand up now as I've sat in it 5 times, however I've taken two does, passed 8 bucks, and messed up a gimme shot on a 3.5 year old 8 point.  That stand has worked out exactly how I envisioned it and my off-season habitat work is going to include trying mimic this stand location in at least two other setups.  

I am sold on funnels, pinch points, travel corridors, or whatever you want to call them as the absolute best stand locations.  If you want to minimize the human/deer interaction on your property, then focus on staying away from bedding areas and food sources.  Focus on getting there undetected and staying undetected and I think it will turn more of your stand locations into favorites.

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