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Best place to scout ?

This being my first bear hunt and trying it on my own...
Where would the best place be to start scouting ?
Stream's, open field's, old's roadway's?

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Best place to scout ?

All those are good places to find bear. Especially near a water source, as summer comes along and a bear is eating more and putting on weight, they require more water to aid in digestion of berries, and will go to water a couple of times a day. The first thing I would look at is finding what bears in your area are feeding on, find the food source and find the bear. Call down to your local fish and game departement and ask a biologist, or go out in the feild and look for scat. Like an accomplished bear hunter told me, "For the nine months a bear is active, other than the 2-3 months of the mating season when he is looking for a female, he has two things on his mind, sleeping and eating. He is just like you or me, if he wants to sleep in on a Sunday morning until 10:30am he will, but the minute he wakes up, he will head straight to the berrie patch"

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Best place to scout ?

Depends on the time of the year around here,right now you could find them anywhere,later in the summer/fall they will be along the streams eating chokecherrys and strawberrys,after the berry crop is gone they go up higher and we start seeing them out on the shale slides,when thet rut we see big boars traveling in the middle of the day.

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