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Best place for P&Y bucks?

Kind of surprised nobody mentioned Buffalo county in WI. They consistently produce more record book bucks than any county in the nation. In fact, Field and Stream just came out with an article on it.

It's not too far from where I grew up and I have friends that hunt there who get some fine deer! It is mostly private land however, so acess can be an issue. There are guides if you want to go that route.

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Best place for P&Y bucks?

I wouldnt try to hunt canada with a bow. I stick to Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, or Montana. Now if you are talking boone and crockett thats a different story.

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Best place for P&Y bucks?
ChesterGolf wrote:
Sask. has BIG deer, probably some of the biggest in weight but that doesn't make the P&Y deer. Weight has nothing to do with it and antlers everything to do with it. Your deer in the central states may not be as big on the scales but rack size is where they pull away from our northern deer. That is not to say there are not P&Y deer up here or monsters down there it just depends what you want.

Sask deer (whatever sub-species/strain occupies the prairie provinces) have bigger racks too. Their racks naturally have more mass that's where they get the extra scoring from over a similar buck from East Canada or southern US, even though all other measurements might be the same.

Sask hunting is 99% free-range. In fact I think all white tail hunting is, the only enclosure hunting I know of in Sask is for exotics and bison. (And I happen to know the guy who runs it, and it might be an enclosure, but I doubt you'll ever see a fence during your hunt - they run bison/fallow deer over thousands of acres)

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Best place for P&Y bucks?

You can find them anywhere but my 300 acres. Damn those Minnesota basket racks!!!! Brick Wall,)

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