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best area to live and hunt in ontario

I am going to be moving to ontario where is the best place to live and hunt.

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Re: best area to live and hunt in ontario

Haven't lived in Ontario but saskie has and will hopefully chime in on this. My guess would be the northern portion away from most of the urbanization. Check out some of the guide hunting in Ont. and see where they are taking their clients. It may give you some clues.

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Re: best area to live and hunt in ontario

Sorry - was on leave and just got back.

Chester is bang on wrt getting away from the populated areas; especially with adult moose (calf moose tags are generally available over the counter). Ontario has good moose numbers but with such a high human population getting a tag is tough. Basically if you can drive there in a day from Toronto/Ottawa you'll be a long time waiting for a tag

It really depends on what you're after: E Ontario/Ottawa Valley (Ottawa/Peterborough/Pembroke) has fantastic white tail, goose and turkey hunting but moose is tough - both in numbers and access to tags is right up there with winning the lottery unless your in a group draw (and even then its still a long shot); bear is present in huntable numbers but its won't be making the short list of bear hot spots anytime soon.

Northern Ontario (ie: North Bay/Sudbury/Thunder Bay) has great moose and bear...but getting drawn for moose is still a pretty long shot

Southern Ontario (GTA/Windsor/London/Waterloo etc)...forget it. Decent deer and turkey but access is next to impossible.

My reccomendation would be NW Ontario - Dryden/Kenora...good white tail (I would say slightly fewer numbers than the Ottawa Valley but they're the same big-bodied, thick racked western strain that we have in N Sask); great bear hunting, good moose hunting and infinitely better chance of getting drawn for a tag.

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Ontario is for sure up and

Ontario is for sure up and coming with both moose and whitetail.  Good luck in finding a place, it should be fun......

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 I would have to second

 I would have to second saskies sugestion of  north western Ont, anywere above Thunder bay eisier to draw moose tags and in some WMU you can draw extra WT tags as well.

 I live in central Ont and it is hard to draw a tag for moose. if you want extra tags for WT I would say more to the farming areas around London in South western Ont. There you can get up to 6 deer tags.


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I may be biased but

I may be biased but Thunder Bay is one of the best places to live for hunting and fishing.  A small city of 110,000 with hunting and fishing within minutes of your home.

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 I know people in Thunder Bay

 I know people in Thunder Bay and it is a nice place. But I live outside a city of 10,000 people and wish I could move away. 110,000 people would drive me insane.lol

But I would say the northwest would be the best place to live if I could just choose without needing a job first.