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being cold sucks

i live in N. ky and hunt approxiamately on the ky river ..........how do ppl stayt warm in the morning!? i freeze my ass off

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layer, layer, and layer.
It starts with good long underwear it must have moisture wicking abilities.
Socks same as above a thin wicking pair and then some smartwool.
Boots a min. of 800 grams of thinsulate
outer shirts good fleece or wool
pants gortex or wool
outer jacket windstopper,or gortex
lastly a good wool or fleece hat

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being cold sucks

just make sure you can still move.
I use those "hot hands" body warmers, they work ok. My feet are the only thing that really gets cold. I just need new boots.

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being cold sucks

When its really cold out I use the hand warmers on my body too, the adhesive foot warmers will stick to your clothes so I will put one on each shoulder jusy above the shoulder blade. I have also used them over the kidney areas by using a belt that is meant to hold shake up style warmers, you can buy them or make one they are sold at most drug stores as a arthiritis pain reliever. With the belt you can use the larger body warmers and they usually last longer.

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being cold sucks

A small propane heater and a covred stand/blind. By the end of the day you'll be taking cloths off.

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being cold sucks

I had the same problem, froze my &^% off this year and it really wasn't all that cold. Just came across this story today.

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being cold sucks

Single use heat therapy pads.
The come in a few styles, and sizes,(back, arm,knee, neck) and stay hot for about ten hours.
They have an adhesive on them that does not leave a residue but does leave the hair.
They can be pricey but you do stay warm.

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being cold sucks

Layers And put your heavy coat or bibs in a back pack and put them on when you get to your stand. that way you will avoid getting overheated on the long walk in ., And make sure that your clothes are always dry take liners out of boots every night. I have a blanket that I keep in a plastic bag in my stand that works well.

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being cold sucks

It is important not to overheat and sweat on your way into your stand. The sweat will freeze once you settle in and you become cold very quickly after that. I carry my outermost layer in too and put it on as soon as I feel my body start to cool down. It helps to put a layer of pine branches or something (towel or rug) between you and the snow or if your in a tree stand with an open grate bottom under your feet. Don't sit directly on the ground or a rock. It will pull the heat right out.

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being cold sucks
barnold wrote:
just make sure you can still move.
I use those "hot hands" body warmers, they work ok. My feet are the only thing that really gets cold. I just need new boots.

I wear the army mickey boots (black) the work awsome my feet freeze also

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being cold sucks

Well, beleive it or not but, most of you body heat disipates from your head.
Obviously,naked and a warm cap/hat doesn't work either Big smile Big smile

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