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Been a while

It's been a good while for me, but I still remember the excitement of watching grouse or Pheasant busting from snow-covered landscape. One memorable time was a trip to western Maryland to the Savage River State Forest as it snowed about a foot on us as we hunted that day. Not sure of our bag that day, but we all saw game and all shot (somehow the success rate slipped my mind tho)

I hope some in the east/northeast get an opportunity to enjoy a little bird hunting in the new snow cover expected. Watching the dogs running through 4-6" of powder is priceless!  Thumbs up

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Couple weeks ago, Bodie,my

Couple weeks ago, Bodie,my avatra dog, hit a chukar on a preserve in about 4" of snow that he looked like a downhill skier making a sharp turn. Boy was that neat! Snow flying all over and him like a statue in the middle of it.

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