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Beast from Northwest Missouri

I ran across this absolute beast last night on another forum.

This is a staggering rack and I believe they said it was going to score in the 240” range.


A once in a lifetime – heck a once in ten lifetimes – buck, of that there is little doubt.


One could only wish…

I guess this gives us all something to "shoot" for (pun intended).





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If that would have been

If that would have been me....You'd seen all my white teeth...Ha!....

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cross breed?

So we see here evidence that white tail cross breed with moose....at least in Missouri.

Or maybe that's some sort of Clydsedale with antlers.

I mean WOW! Just LOOK at those things!

That is an amazing buck. 

Once in a lifetime for sure.

I wonder what they have been feeding him?

Free range? Wild deer? Or is he some farm raised over fed, mineral pumped specimen.

I'd love to think he was taken by fair chase in the wild and teh result of some awesome egentics, good weather, and natural feed....but that is the Sammy Sosa of deer.  I have to wonder....

Even still - WOW! Thanks for sharing the photo.


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Wow, that's a biggie for

Wow, that's a biggie for sure!!!!!  Must be something in the water down there.... lol

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That buck is absolutely

That buck is absolutely amazing! He has tine length, crazy good mass, an awesome configuration and just about every tine on that darn rack is split. That buck is great! And yeah... this guy needs to be cracking a bigger smile. I am with you Groovy Mike... I am having a very hard time buying that this is a free ranging buck. You never know though, deer like that do happen in the wild but it takes a perfect storm and it is pretty darn rare. I am willing to bet that it was pumped up on something. It is an impressive specimen none the less. Just might not be that much of a trophy. I can't say that I would be very proud of killing an animal that was pumped full of growth hormones and the like. I do purchase beef because of all the crap that cattle are filled with in this country. That's one of the big reasons I hunt wild game. So why would I want to hunt an animal that was engineered to grow a giant rack with the use of supplements... No thanks.

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That surely is one amazing deer. Not sure what I'd do if I spied him while I was hunting.

But, I sure would like to find out! Thumbs up