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Bears only at night

Still nothing yet. I've sat for two days and nothing has come in. In fact, nothing at all during the night either. The weather got a lot cooler today and tomorrow, so I'm hoping this will help jump start them!

Few questions about a honey burn if anybody is reading this tonight:

1. On the honey burn, is the honey suppose to turn black?

2. How much honey should I put in the pop can? (see HoTm00n's instructions earlier in this post) Seems like about 1/4 full works fine, but just curious.

3. Can the bears smell the Sterno fuel as it burns?

Thanks all! I can feel I'm close to getting one of these bears!!

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Bears only at night

Honey is sugar so for sure it'll blacken and turn crispy. Burn as much as you like, there's no set amount. As for the smell of the sterno, bears will likely be able to smell it but with enough other odors around, its only one more.
I've said it before and I'll say it again. Don't put so much faith in burns, honey or bacon or any other type. The bears know where your site is. They'll return when good and ready. As you've already started to hunt your site, you've gotta consider if this additional activity and commotion on your part is beneficial or not.

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Bears only at night

Porka do the long slow burn not the normal burn .. the one u use a coffee can and small can of gel fuel inside and hang it from a tree and wait . ( the one that last 6 hours )
u set it up and go to ur stand and watch it burn for hours,, this will drive the bears crazy .
the purpose of this is not to help bears locate ur site but to drive bears crazy and make them drop their guards and come fast . ( if they are around )

u r gona have to do many trips to ur site and wait for this bear,, the trick is not to skip any day, because the day u skip might be the day the bear finally show up .. so go there everyday and wait.
u know it by heart now,, the last time the bear was there was about a week ago or little more,, so i would say soon !!

have some patience and wait ! just don't skip any day and if things goes well the bear will show up, when.... ? we let the bear decide !
welcome to a typical fall bear hunt !!

yes the Honey will turn black , u need to fill the pepsi can all the way up and place it on top of the gel fuel can inside the coffee can, this will produce more smoke and make it last longer .do it everytime u go there ,, it will only take few minutes to make and will help u a lot !!
don't just do the normal honey burn, the one u burn honey for 5-10 minutes before u go on stand will not help u in the fall .. DO THE LONG SLOW HONEY BURN ....PLEASE ?!!!

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