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Bear in South Jackson, Wyo. area

Confused I am hunting is the south Jackson, Wyo. area this coming October, less than an hour SE of Jackson. Does anyone know the extent of bear in this area?  Do we need to be prepared with bear spray or sidearms?  Anything to be concerned about?

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I'd say yes b/c there have

I'd say yes b/c there have been cattle and sheep killed this week around Pineldale and Dubois according to the grizzly management info on the Wy Fish & Game website. How much farther S & E will you be? It wouldn't matter to me, I'd be prepared when I go into NW Wy and grizzly bear country. This is info I took off the website but I haven't hunted this area before, just drove through going to Yellowstone. Anyway, good luck on your hunt.

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I spend some time in the

I spend some time in the Alpine, WY area and I will tell you there are a few griz as well as black and brown bear in that area. Your really not that far from Yellowstone,  I know Alpine is more West than where you will be. I have heard reports of griz in that area recently.

I dont get too worked up over it, just be prepared (firearm or bear spray) and treat it like any other place you would hunt where you might run into bears. Just be bear-cautious if your camping .


good luck


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