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bear or coyote

First off, I'm very new to the whole big game scene. So new that I've only owned a bow for about 2 weeks now. This was next to my trail cam last night. For whatever reason I didn't click the camera back on before I went up to the house and whatever it was ate all my apples. I'm leaning towards bear just because of the look and whats inside of it. I'd like to hear from some of you who have been around the block and seen a pile or two. I'm looking to kill my first big game animal(s) this year. Thanks in advance guys.


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Comparing the size with the

Comparing the size with the clover, I'd say it's coyote ,or a very small bear.


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Its kinda hard to say,

Its kinda hard to say, looking at the content of the poop it looks like bear but the size says yote, was there any tracks or hair? if i had tu guess i would say very small bear only because i have never seen yote poop with what looks like berries and such.

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It is all fruit.  A bear with

It is all fruit.  A bear with that much fruit in it would not be pooping out any type of "log" it would be a splater patty!  I would definetly say yote uless I saw any other sign around,i.e. tracks, claw marks on trees?

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