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bear hunting in Ark...

i take it nothing changed for me to hunt the Rich mountain area, national forest...from nov 1-5?...would it be too crowded for me to go from nov 5,6,7,8,9, so i could hit 2 days fo deer season?...or is that area crowded?...i'm from texas...but a biologist has sent me to the rich mountain area....

any idea's on calls or scents....and is a scent considered a 'bait' in Ark?....or as long as it is not 'ateble', is it scent?..


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bear hunting in Ark...

Check out http://www.agfc.com and you will find bear hunting information. Cover scent shouldn't be a problem, as long as you don't use something that smells like doughnuts. Also, I guess you know there is a preset harvest quota that is checked through a toll-free number the night before you hunt to see if the season has closed.

Good luck!

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