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Bear Hunting

A guy invites a couple of friends to go bear hunting with him at his cabin up in the north woods.

They both accept, and on the appointed day they all drive to the cabin together.

As they are unloading their gear, one of the guys says to the host, "Where is your gun?"

The host says, "Oh, I don't use a gun. All I need are my tennis shoes and a good knife."

The two guests look at each other and shrug, but they can't help but wonder . . . .

That evening about 9 o'clock, the host says, "Well, I gotta hit the sack. Daybreak comes mighty early up here."

The other guys said, "What? It's only 9 o'clock! We planned on staying up a while and having a few drinks and playing some cards."

"Suit yourself", says the host as he climbs into his bunk and goes to sleep.

Just after the crack of dawn the next morning, the two slightly hung over guests are awakened to the shouts of their host, "Open the door! Open the door!"

The two guys stumble out of bed and rush to the window. Their bleary eyes focus on their host running through the woods toward the cabin, literally skimming over the ground in his tennis shoes. Hot on his heels is the biggest bear either of the guests have ever seen.

"Open the door! Open the door" their host continues to yell. So they open the cabin door just in time for him to dash through the door, stick his knife into the table and leap headifrst out the window on the opposite side of the cabin.

As his feet are disappearing out the window he yells, "You guys skin that one; I'll go get another one!"


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a retelling of a classic

Perhaps influenced by some Robert Redford jeremiah johnson. Common pilgram




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