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Bear Hunt

This is a joke i read in a magazine.

This guy named Jim and a guide named Bill go out to check their bear bait. They notice that the bait is not hit as hard as they have seen before. The guide (Bill) knows the bear aren't into grasses and the berries an't out yet so he suspects the only thing they are looking for is beaver down by the river. Bill tells jim that a while back he used to get the left overs of near by trappers catch for 25 cents a piece, but another hunter offered more then Bill could offer.

So now he is tring to find ways to find beaver meat to put in his bait piles. As they go from bait pile to bait pile Bill brainstorms on ways to get some beaver. Then they make their way to a bait pile on the edge of the river. Nearby there is also a beaver dam. As they walk to the pile Bill spots a gray blob in the distance and motion for Jim to stop. They walk slowly back to the truck. When they get there Jim asks Bill "What was that." and Bill says "that was a wolf."
Jim thinks to himself wow i was that close to a real live wolf. Then Bill said " but the ting I really want is the two beaver that had clenched in his jaws.

"Here is the plan," said Bill " I will sneak up to the Log he is behind and you will flank him from the right. when I get close enough i will jump on the log and yell as loud as I can. The wolf will be so suprised that he wiil tuck tail and run. Thats when you run in and grabb the beavers and high tail it to the truck. Then we'll have our beaver." when the Plan was in full swing and Bill yelled at the wolf. Either the wolf was deaf or the river was too loud because the wolf only moved when Bill had landed square on the wolf's back. He wrestled with the wolf for a few minutes. He had his legs wrapped around the wolf's stomach and arms around his neck. Then the struggling slowed for a while and Jim ran up and tried pull the beaver from the wolf's mouth but they would not budge.

then Bill said, "Plan B you go get the twelve pack of beer from the truck and start ppouring them down his throat." JIm ran as fast as he could and when he got back he first popped a top for Bill and then started pouring bottles down the wolf's throat, but the wolf was swallowing as fast as he could pour. After a couple of beers the wolf's eyes were started to get glazed and Bill and the wolf started to sing and then a thought came to jim's mind the beavers. So he grabs the beavers and heads for the truck. After a few minutes Bill comes stumbling up the trail. Jim said, " What happened" and Bill said, " the wolf just fell asleep. So they forgot about it and started to drive up the road. when they got further down the road they stoped and put the beaver by the bait pile up the river more. when they got to the truck they grabed a couple beer for themselves and stood by the river and thought about what had happened earlier in the day when they turned around to walk back there was the wolf standing between them and the truck with two beavers in its mouth. Then it did somthing they didn't expect. The wolf dropped the beavers and rolled over on its back. Bill Looked at Jim and said, " Well don't just stand there get him a beer and get me one too!"

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Bear Hunt

Laugh Laugh Laugh

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Bear Hunt

LMAO Thumbs up

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