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Bear forage

I've been out scouting for Moose in southern NH and I realized ....IT'S BEAR SEASON!!!! I picked up a tag and will take more than a .22 rimfire with me next time. I was  looking at the berry bushes and it looks like most have dropped already. What are the next foods of opportunity for bears? I would guess they'd hit cornfields and orchards pretty hard. I also noticed the white oaks are dropping a lot of acorns but they're real green. I don't know if they're ripe or not. It's been real dry here and I think that might have something to do with it. Are there any bear foods that I've missed? Mountain ash? Anything else that they might prefer? I didn't see any bear tracks when I was out but I would think the bear and moose will be in the same areas....swamps and regenerating cuts and power lines. Our season runs from 9/1-9/21. Pretty short season. Baiting is out for me right now. Maybe I could put molasses on my boots?:D  Is that baiting?Whistling

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