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Bear Bait location???

Hey guys this is my first post so here it goes! I came across this website when I was doing some research for Black Bear hunting BigGameHunt.net looks very good. Here's my ? I'm planning on trying my hand at Black Bear hunting in Northern Saskatchewan,Canada. any suggestions on what to look for when choosing the ideal bait site location, ie. swamp,small lakes,wooded trails theres so much to choose from in the North yet I don't want to waste my season in a non productive spot.Also what kind of bait seems to work the best. I've heard deep fryer greese and donuts work wonders as well as honey burns. Talk to ya soon.

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Bear Bait location???

When looking for a new location I like an area that is far from the nearest road. The farther you can haul bait the better. One of my best spots is almost a mile in to a small hanging basin with two small streams close by.
Then when picking a stand spot consider the wind direction in the afternoons and set up near heavy escape cover. The bigger bears feel safer coming out close to dense cover. Good luck

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Bear Bait location???

and put your stand so that you don't walk through the bait to get to it
I used a raspberry burn. You can use an atv to set up the inital bait pile but after that carry in fresh bait each time you go in the less disturbance the better.
If you want some good reading pick up a copy of Dr Ken Nordbergs DIY bear hunting. excellent book

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Bear Hunting

See my comments under the Newbie topic for tips

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