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Be carefull

Just wanted to remind everyone to be carefull. We were out last weekend above Granby on a place we got permision on and I saw 2 of the horses were dead so I went over to see what had happened I thought somebody had shot them from the road and I wanted to let the landowner know since we were the only ones supposed to be up there. As we walked up I saw a tree susspended 4' off the ground by some cables and both horses were lying below. I thought it was a fence because they were almost horizontal in some really thick timber. As we looked closer the horses ears looked like they were blown off, so I thought to myself maybe they were struck by lightning as I looked up it dawned on me these were power lines and the horses were probably scratching their backs on them. Killed them instantly. I yelled for everyone to get back scary to think what could have happened if one of us brushed up against the line. Called out Mountain parks Electric they sent a truck right away and killed the lines and made their repairs. Just wanted everyone to know these tree are really getting weak and the wind is more than enough to push them over at any time.

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Pretty freakish....stay safe

Pretty freakish....stay safe and make it home.

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Wow, freaky is right......

Wow, freaky is right...... Huh?

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Wow thats crazy! Nice catch

Wow thats crazy! Nice catch though!

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With more and more of the

With more and more of the trees getting a couple years past death from the beetle kill, blowdowns are going to be a common thing in the colorado high country. Be carefull and stay aware.

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