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barrel length

I am a very big fan of compact rifles and way prefer 20-22" barreled rifles to ones with 24 or 26" tubes. Given the choice I'd take a short rifle over a long one most every time. Because of this I have become interested in short magnum chamberings because they typically do not need the longer tubes that their long action counterparts require.

I have been doing a good bit of reading on the newer RCM chamberings. Pretty neat concept to my eye. The new Marlin lever action chamberings (.308ME & .338ME) along with the .338 Fed and those two Rugers seem like some very interesting concepts.

Does it make any difference to you how long a barrel is? Whistling  

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Depends on the cartridge for

Depends on the cartridge for me. My 25-06 and 6.5-06 have 24" barrels, I prefer them there. I see both as speed merchant's and want everythiong out of them without throwing off the balance of the rifle. They are also open country rifles and handle well enough in open country with the 24" barrels. My old 308 was a Rem 660 and had a 20" barrel. It was very handy in more closed in country. my mod 70 is a 6.5x55with a 22" barrel, it handles either situation well. My 243 is a Rem 700 ADL with a 22" barrel. I only use it for preditors and it works fine but I would rather a 24" though I can live with the 22". Used to have a 6mm Rem that the departing enemy took with her on her retreat that was a 20" barrel. I'd have rathered a 22" or 24" on it but the thing I really didn't like about it was the long action, Rem 700 BDL. I think case length and use dictates to me a lot barrel length. I'd love to have a 250-3000 but would want a 20" barrel. For rifles I think of longer shooting with, excess of 200yds, I like more barrel out front, help's me steady things up easier. I had a rifle built on a Parker-Hale 1200 for the storm and strife, a 6.5x55 with a 23" Shilen barrel, it was perfect as could be. Got a bit more velocity than I do from my mod 70 and it was a bit easier for me to hold steady. Worked out so well for her she just took it with her on the way out the door. I always thought women knew that when they're given a rifle or shotgun as a gift it is only there's as long as they live there. Black hearted women!

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