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Barnes Bullets

Im really trying to find the perfect bullet for my setup so ill be asking you guys alot of questions on ammo.

First off has anyone ever used barnes bullets out of a 30-06. Barnes bullets seem( what ive read and heard) to be a good controlled expansion type bullet.

I dont reload and most of the info ive read have been from guys that do reload.

Has anyone fired or been around someone firing off one of those 500S&W? All I can say is hang on. This gun is louder than my 06. I saw this gun destroy a watermelon to pieces at 100yds.

I fired it once and was not interested in another shot Shame on You!

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Barnes Bullets

I have not used the barnes bullets but have heard they are good hunting bullets. I think they are triple x or triple shock or something like that. I have used Nosler Partitions mostly and have found them to be excellent. Try looking on Midway USA's website at the bullets you want to use. Other people who buy them will write reviews on them. You can find some usefull information this way. Some is not. But its worth looking at. http://www.midwayusa.com

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Barnes Bullets

My buddies son got a four point buck this season and hung it in my barn. We skinned it for him and found the bullet lodged in the far shoulder area. It was a 180 gr Barnes bullet from factory ammo(PMC) I beleive. It was fired from a 300 win mag but that's doesn't make a difference for the purpose of your question. I expanded perfectly and for curiosity sake I just weighted it and it weighted 178 gr
Now considering that there are 7000 grain in a pound, the missing two grains are probably in a bone. I would not hesitate recommending Barnes bullets based on what I have just said and seen..!

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Barnes Bullets

If you decide to go with barnes, I believe Federal ammo has the best coverage of barnes. In other words they offer the most factory loads with barnes bullets.

Most of the shooters that use barnes are reloaders simply because it is hard to find a factory load w/ barnes in the exact weight and bullet type they want.

Barnes solids are also an interesting bullet, although (while I have not used them for hunting) I would not consider them good for hunting.

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Barnes Bullets

I've been looking at this new bullet from barnes called the mrx. It looks like one of the best bullets I've seen. It just came out in mid 2005. Limited caliber, but they do have it for my 300 mag in 180 grain. From what I've seen in every category, this bullet can't be beat.
Has anyone used this bullet yet? Like I said it came out in mid to to late summer of 2005, so it probably has had limited used in the field. It's a take off fromt heir triple shock bullets, you can check out more about it at federalcartridge.com or barnesammo.com.
Would like to know what everyone thinks.

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Barnes Bullets

I used Speer Hot Cores for a long time. Then When they sold out I started using Hornady's. I've also used Sierras, Noslers, Remington, Winchester and Herter's.

What I have found out is that if you use a proper caliber and a bullet designed for the game you hunt, your in good shape. Your using a 30-06 so a bullet coming apart due to excessive velocity is not likely. The 165gr is my favorite 30 cal bullet. In a 30-06, a 165 or 180 gr will penetrate and hold together as well as any. Elenor O'Conner killed her one and only elephant with a 30-06, go figure!

I did my own bullet test's years ago into wet newspaper at 100 yds. Out of a 30-06, the 165 and 180gr Speer Hot core and the Hornady's retained 86% of their weight. On game up to elk, I've never recovered a bullet. The older I get the more I realize that we pay to much attention to case size and bullet construction and not enough to our own short comings.

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