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Barnes bullet weight for mulies?

I've been thinking about picking up 130gr. barnes in TSX or TTSX. Has anybody used these on mulies? Would a heavier bullet weight be better for big mulies?

What range would you suggest sighting in at? I figure it'll be a mix of sage flats and mountains.

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what caliber?

For a .270, that's a pretty standard weight, for a .30 cal that's pretty light.  BUT, that's the only time I use Barnes bullets.  Because I know they are going to penetrate, you can go with a lighter bullet and drive it fast, which might get closer to doing more damage than a slow monometal bullet.  So anyway, I believe a heavier bullet would actually be less effective than a lighter bullet on deer.

I have a friend that uses the 130 TTSX in a .30-06, but we run at max velocity (about 3250ish), and in that scenario it's pretty effective.  

Anyway, sight in at 200 yards regardless, and have a good understanding of what your bullet does at 300 and 400 if you can't practice at that distance.


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thanks again

Thanks for all the help! I'll stick with the plan then! I'll see if I can find a place to practice at those distances. If not I'll be sure to learn the ballistic tables and everything.

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i use that bullet in my .243

i use that bullet in my .243 in 85 grain for deer. and i killed a 800 lb cow bison with a 100 grain soft point.

the 85 grain really expands well, even on larger bucks and old does. there has always been an "exit." the bullet comes apart in the body and turns into shrapnal, leaving a wound channel about the size of a baseball... which is why i keep using it. as long as the 243 is legal for what i'm hunting, i'm using it!

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