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Ok so does anybody know if there is much of a difference between to barnes X triple shock and the tipped triple shocked? I'm having trouble finding the regular triple shocks in 30 cal 180 grain but I can find the tipped triple shocked.

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The tipped TSX bullet should

The tipped TSX bullet should aide in expansion and getting the bullet to expand a little bit quicker. I loaded some up in a 7mm Remington mag but the only thing that I have shot with them is a antelope and I believe that all I did was to hit his horn. He dropped like a rock but by the time that I covered the 500 yards to him he was gone.

Anyway if you are shooting a Barnes bullet you can drop down quite a few grains and get the same results that others do with a heaver bullet. So if you shoot a 180 you can drop down to a 168 or 150 and get the same energy as others are that are shooting a 180 grain bullet. That is the nice thing about shooting a pure copper bullet, it retains so much of its weight.

If you can't find what you are looking for locally try the Barnes web site. They sell bullets and loaded ammo on it in their store. I'm not sure on the availability there but you can check it out.

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I have had

I have had good luck with both out of the same gun. For some reason they shoot relatively the same for me in 30 cal 180's. Your bullets are in stock right now @ Natchez . Here is a link.


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I doubt Barnes will admit it

I doubt Barnes will admit it but the plastic tip was put in to ensure expaansion. there were a number of different stories anout them no opening prior to the tip. Winchester has a monolithic load and they come right out and say it's to ensure expansion. Seem's to me that Hornady did the same thing.


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I might have to try the

I might have to try the tipped bullets if I cant find any of the regular ones locally. I haven't had any problems with expansion of the non tipped. I destroyed the front shoulder of a cow elk when I hit the off side shoulder of her.... It was actually quite impressive.

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A year ago, I was preparing for an African plains game hunt and I couldn't find any Barnes 168 gr TSX bullets, but there were 168 gr TTSX bullets on the shelf.  So I bought a box and worked up a load with them for my .300 Weatherby.  The TTSX bullets shot a little tighter groups than I had previously shot with TSX bullets.

I have used 300 gr TSX bullets in my .375 RUM on one hunt in Zimbabwe and South Africa, and 270 gr bullets in it on another hunt in South Africa.  I have also shot 168 gr TSX bullets from my .300 Weatherby on an exotic hunt in Texas and on one elk hunt in Montana.  I have been very satisfied with the accuracy and performance of those Barnes TSX bullets on all of those hunts.

I shot 5 animals in South Africa last year with those 168 gr TTSX bullets from my .300 Weatherby.  All were one shot basically DRT kills.  Three of the bullets passed completely through the animals that I shot with them, and we recovered the other two.  Both penetrated shoulder to opposite hip of each of the animals.  Both mushroomed perfectly, although a petal broke of one as it a leg bone.

Bottom line: both TSX and TTSX bullets have performed very well in my rifles and on the 27 African and North American big game animals that I have shot with them.  All shot sub-moa, with the TTSX bullets shooting slightly tighter groups.



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Thanks BuffyBr I'm really

Thanks BuffyBr I'm really thinking of trying some of these. I can find them but not the regular ones.

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