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Baiting with popcorn

So I am new to this forum, and have a question. Who baits with popcorn? When do you start popping it? Does anyone have pics of bears on a popcorn bait? Just trying to get a feel for when I need to sart popping. April is when the season starts and I can't wait.Thumbs up

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I've been using popcorn for

I've been using popcorn for the last few years I get good results. I pop it old fry grease or butter flavored shortening. I dump it in to gunny sacks and mix in something like kool-aid or cinnamon with each popper full. All popcorn does is give them something to eat when they get there it's the smells you use with it that gets them to the bait.

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Baiting with popcorn

I've known some people who swear by popcorn, but I haven't used it myself.  I use dog food as a base.

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Yeah, it's funny but bears

Yeah, it's funny but bears will eat just about anything including left over bear scraps.

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I've never baited bears as

I've never baited bears as its not legal anymore in oregon but, i have talked to a lot of old timmers that swear by popcorn. They would pop it just a couple days before they went. they would use butter on it and then dump jelly all over it when in the field, some also through in jelly doughnut with the pile of goo. I wish baiting was allowed where I'm from so i could use some of these tactics. good luck, keep us posted with your results.

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new to me!

I've never even heard of baiting with popcorn.  That's a pretty cool idea if it is legal in your state.

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Baiting with popcorn

If you really want to get the word out ,try popping a little on site.


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yes it works Great I mostly

yes it works Great

I mostly use it over oats because of the weight factor in float plane

I bought a used commercial popper from a closed down drive-in movie theater. Start popping in winter & fill up over sized burlap sacks & throw them in float plane after ice out in spring & head north.

I mix popcorn/dogfood/oats/beaver & whatever else is handy for sweetener & then dump used deep fryer grease to soak it all down

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Never heard of popcorn.  But

Never heard of popcorn.  But heck, i bet I'd even try popcorn and molasses, or something like that. lol

I would just think that it would take alot of popping, and lot of work, for something that would produce such little yield.

I know most of my relatives in Maine use day old pastries, donuts, bagels, and stuff like that.

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I hunted up at Monty's camp

I hunted up at Monty's camp in 2009 and like he said, it does the job and is much lighter than other stuff he would have to fly in.  All his baits are reached by boat on the two lakes he has camps at and both take a good 45 minutes by float plane and he has to pay for each trip in and out.  They charge four figures for a flight, so it would not be very profitable if he had to fly bait in a number of times just to get things going for his hunts.  I can highly recommend him if you want a great flyin hunt up in Manitoba for a chance at a big bear.  He runs a great camp with a choice of a lot of nice baited sites, good food,  nice wall tents for sleeping and cooking/eating, and he will treat you right and do his best to get you on a bear.  The fishing there is great too and I had a super week up in some fantastic country even though I didn't get my bear!

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We just dump out bottles of

We just dump out bottles of vanilla extract when we get to the stand here. You could pour it over the popcorn. It smells up the area quick.

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