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Baiting in Northern Minnesota

Got some questions and in hopes some of you can help me out.

1. We can start baiting two weeks before season, is it a good idea to start right away or should a person wait may be a week before opening. Plan on hunting opening weekend.....

2. What about baiting every day...good idea??? Or I have heard people bait like every three to four days with huge piles??? whats the opinion on that?

3. Should a person bait the day before and the day of when you are going out to hunt?

4. Do honey burns work and should you do it while you are in the stand hunting?

Like I said I am in Northern Minnesota and hope to hear from some hunters that are in the general area and how they do things and how they work.

Thanks a lot.

Hope someone can help me out.

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Yes honey burns work to establish baits. Yes bait every day.. try to do it at a regular time and don't worry about noise. Bears are creatures of habit, and will fall into a routine. If you routinely give them food, they will routinely come. If you only bait every 3 days, your presence on the 3rd day will, cause concern to them. Remember the number one secret to baiting bears, is a good supply of bait. If you run out, your bear numbers will decrease.

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Baiting in Northern Minnesota

1. Your first question is going to depend on how optimistic you are on the bear population in your area and in the quality of bait you will be using. If you know there are bears in the area and you've set up your bait site in a good location and are using good quality bait, you should have bears coming in within a week easily. If you haven't seen alot of sign during your scouting trips, it may take a while longer for them to locate your bait site. Like Bearman said, bears are creatures of habit, and they will pattern your movements and the noise you make getting the bait to the site and will quickly recognize when you are there delivering fresh bait. After you leave and things quiet down, they will approach the site when they feel safe enough to do so....generally right at dusk.

2. If you are lucky to live close enough to your hunting location that you can bait twice a week, that's great. You only have to haul in enough bait to last a few days and your load to drag or carry in bait will be much easier. I live 2 hours from where I hunt in east-central Minnesota and I can bait only once a week When I bait, I usually drop 175-200 lbs of bait per week. It all depends on your situation.

3. I highly recommend that you don't hunt the day that you bait. If you want to hunt on the weekend, try your best to do your baiting by early afternoon on Friday and then be on stand for Saturday and Sunday afternoon/evenings. If you hunt the day that you bait, you may very ikely see bear, but they will be the small young ones that haven't yet earned to be cautious. The larger bears and the dominant boar in the area will more than likely not come in to the site the day that you were there making all the noise it takes to bring in more bait. If a larger bear does decide to come in that day, it will be well after dark and you'll never see him anyway. So, if at all possible, bait one day and sneak in as quietly as possible to your stand the following afternoon and sit tight. When you come in to hunt, fight the urge to rearrange the logs on your bait crib or to do anything to the bait site that would alert a bear that someone has been there recently. Just quietly slip into your stand and sit back and wait.

4. Honey burns work well. Some use them when first establishing a bait site in the fall to bring the bears in.....sort of an "Open For Business" type advertisement. Then, once the bears are hitting the bait, they no longer burn honey. Others like to use a honey burn only when they are in their stands hunting. Its a personal preference thing. I've used both methods and I'd have to say that over the years, I've seen more bears on the evenings that I haven't used a honey burn than on those evenings that I've used one. When the honey heats up enough to start smoking, it bubbles and boils and I think it makes too much noise to use while you're actually hunting. They are a great attractant though and for those who hunt in areas like the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (where baiting is not allowed) a honey burn is allowed and will bring in the bears.

If you want to read a great book on bear hunting and baiting techniques get a copy of Dr. Ken Nordbergs "Do it Yourself Black Bear Baiting and Hunting". A copy from Amazon.com will run you about $12 and worth every cent. The guy lives in Aiken County, Minnesota and knows his stuff.

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Baiting in Northern Minnesota

i dont know personnally i use alot of scraps meat 5 gallon buckets and my tree stand and i get one every time and these other guys are totally correct on what they said but the boars come when its quiet but if they are after something youll notice sometimes they just dont care if your there or not and ive had very very cautious sows but they do come if you give em enough food i bait every day as im close to my site about a half hour drive into total boonies and my stands about 15 feet up

P.S : try raspberry jelatin

I am a true believer in the one shot one kill method

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Baiting in Northern Minnesota

Be careful with meat scraps I used a lot last year over a 1000lbs. between 2 sites and with the heat and rain last year the meat turned into a nasty mess and the bears eventually stopped coming in as often. i only baited once a week . this year all I'm using is peanutbutter and licorice. And I geuss the best time to be in your stand is after noon till dark the local guide says to give up on early morning hunts. Most of my bears come in after dark and shootinng time.

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Baiting in Northern Minnesota

i always use meat scraps i always get a bear

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