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Your rite GatorFan...year

Your rite GatorFan...year round,that's what we have(suppose to) to do...If Mr.warden no's your just dump'n it out there then he will cite you...i no sum guy's that got caught dew'n this,even though they had automatic feeder's up they did'nt keep them run'n year round,plus you have'ta have it run'n 6 month's before season start's...Them guy's were'nt the brightest star's out there either,they hunt a 40 acre piece that butt's rite up to management area..daaa....But as far as states that dont allow it,and it not be'n there when season kick's in or be'n so many feetyards away...how bout that liquid C'mere deer,even though it soak's in ground it's still there,dont it have mineral's in it? Deer will eatsuck on it to get the mineral's...Had a cousin use it up in Ga,he said he had little ball's of clay all over the place,the deer wood bite into the clay and suck on it and spit them ball's out...

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