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Hello, I am new to this board, and excited to hopefully gain some info. This will be my first time hunting black bear, I have been on a couple of hunts in the past and have a good idea on how and where to bait, but my question is how do I get enough pastries and bread to do it, I have gathered 2, 50 gal. barrells of grease from different fast food joints and also gathered alot of scrapes from butcher shops and de-boned them, but every donut or pastry shop I have went to told me no, even with the excuse of using the bread for my cows or buying the old. can someone here give me some ideas or places to hit up? I live in Ogden.

Thanks, in advance

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Jason we call it pig feed. The bread stores here sell it for $4 a rack of day old bread. I can get 5 - 30 gallon garbage cans out of 4 racks. I dump it in and walk on it. They are heavy though when full. Good luck on both hunts for bread and bears.LOL

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