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Hi everyone i was wondering if anyone of yall have made any backstops i plan on building me one but i dont know how to start or where to start if any of you guys and gals have any plans from the way you built yours it would be very helpful. or if someone can give me some ideas of how to go about building one and wants some insite on how to go about it


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First off, Welcome to BGH! I

First off, Welcome to BGH! Thumbs up

I guess you mean a backstop for shooting your bow. I have seen them made out of cardboard. Gather enough cardboard from the dept store or ABC stores to use. You'll need 2 pieces of plywood cut to dimensions you want for the backstop or width and length of cardboard you obtain. In the four corners of the plywood, drill a hole thru both pieces of plywood. The best way is to place the 2 pieces on top of each other and drill them at the same time. Get enough 5/16's or 3/8's threaded rod to go run the entire length of the backstop. You'll also need at least 8 washers and a minimum of 8 nuts for the threaded rod. You can either place double nuts on the of the rods or you can use lock washers and lock nuts. Your choice. Put a washer and nut on each of the 4 rods and place in the holes in the corners of the plywood. Stack the cardboard on top of the plywood until you have enough to complete your backstop. Place the other piece of plywood on top, then the washers and nuts. Tighten to compress the cardboard. You have your backstop.

Also, you could use 1" thick pieces of rigid insulation cut to fit. After you shoot out the center, simply unscrew the nuts and replace the insulation or cardboard pieces.

BTW, nice buck your holding! Good luck and good hunting! :thumbsup1:  

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not a picnic table

I tried putting my picnic take on its side behind my archery target.

Don't do it!

I burried broadheads in the wood of the table and they will NOT come out.  You end up losing both a broadhead and a table!

Even the practic tips will drive through old picnic table wood!

At least it was an old table about ready to need replacing anyway......