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Baby Brownies on The Big-T :))

I am about worthless!

So,we were just planning a quick morning trip up the canyon for only my THIRD time of wetting a line in the last [4] months...and I forget to set the alarm! DOHHHH!

Sadly, I was supposed to meet two other gents at 5:15am across town...well, it was 5:45 when I rolled over and realized I was long over due!

Tried to call them to no avail! :(( ...but did not have much hope of getting ahold of them while they were in the canyon. So I took my time and headed datta way nearly two hours late.

Drove up and down the canyon twice looking for them (Not knowing what they were driving!!!) and found no one. Stopped at a spot in an area pretty tight and steep between the cliffs, a few miles past Drake, and Kiwi& I made our way to the water to try our luck. ...Just a few short casts into the morn I land my first brownie...she's about 10" and is let quick back into the water. In only a few more casts of the 3" green x-rap and I hook another way up stream! He makes a run for it after dropping off the first set of falls, but then barrels off to right and behind some rocks and trees and I am thinking he is gonna get himself stuck. ...but outta no where he shoots himself right over the last set of falls and into the flat ripples in front of me. With all the fight I thought for a second I had a decent fish, but he was just a little fireball of 12". Fat little tike, but not much over 12" if anything! LOL!

Actually only moved up about 50yds and landed another two, who must of been a set of twins of the first two. Nice little 15 minutes and I was back up the hill and in the truck to try once more to locate these fools. Up the canyon, down the canyon...nope, they are nowhere that I knew of.

On the way back down for the last time, I stopped at the Narrows SWA to let Kiwi get in some fun. We threw the ball and stick around till she was sucking for wind and then I picked up the pole again. ( w/ same x-rap)

I moved downstream form where we were thrashing the water, and started working my way up the river. Approached the first little set of drop-offs which looked to hold a couple of nice pools. I tossed the Rapala right above one of the falls and as soon as it hit the bottom of that 15" waterfall I found a triplet of the others and reeled it in poste haste! ) (this is the one in the picture)

Worked some more of the area and had a another miss near the spot I had just got the previous one at, Moved to the right side pools and after a handful of casts landed my [6th] of the day to make a pack.

Loaded us up and was still outta the canyon by 11:30:))...not too bad for maybe a half an hour of fishing.

So as Ice Cube might say..."today, was a good day!"

HC Out!

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Looks like fun. I will have

Looks like fun. I will have to keep my eye out for you up on the river. I make it down there every once and a while to wet a line. I fished the crap out of Rocky Mtn. National Park this summer because I was working up there. Got a little bit done on the Big Thompson too.

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It's always good to get out

It's always good to get out on the river. Nice littl fish you got there man. Sucks that you couldn't meet up with the friends but solitude on the river is also a good time. I didn't even bring my fly rod with me down here and sure hope to do some casting with it soon.

Rapala's are my secret weopon for trout. I've pulled some huge fish and numbers with them while nuthing else was working. I'd be standing next to someone fly fishing or throwing a panther martin and catch 5 or 6 trout standing in one spot while they looked at me in awwe. I like to crimp the barbs on mine to make it easier to realese the fish.

My little brother was fishing last week with a brand new rapala and while he was unhooking a trout about the size of the one in your pic, the fish flopped and he got every hook on the bait stuck in his finger. After cutting the fish away he had to go to the hospital to get all them hooks removed lol.

Thanks for sharing.Hello

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"My little brother was

"My little brother was fishing last week with a brand new rapala and while he was unhooking a trout about the size of the one in your pic, the fish flopped and he got every hook on the bait stuck in his finger. After cutting the fish away he had to go to the hospital to get all them hooks removed lol."

Go to the hospital! What for? Tell him next time to take them out hisself! Hahahaha

The same sort of thing happened to me this summer while fishing in Florida. I was on the beach trying to catch a blue or a spanish with a lure with double treble hooks(because my mind is going blank right now). I would cast it out past the school of fish and reel as fast as possible back in. Well, I lost focus and needless to say...I jerked the spoon when it was fairly close to me...it came flying out of the water and stuck in my thigh. Ooouuuchhh!!

My girlfriend heard the noise and watched me limp back to cooler. We didn't have any wire cutters big enough or strong enough to do the job so I sent her to the bait shop to buy the biggest set they had...after 15 minutes of standing in one spot becuase I couldn't bend my leg to sit down, she shows back up...She wishes me luck and goes back fishing because she can't watch me remove the hook...thank god it was only one hook....After applying ice to numb the area around the hook, I cut the shank to get the lure out of the way....more ice to numb the area and then push with no result....push harder with no result....more ice and push harder and finally the point sticks thru...a little more ice, a deep breath and a final tug to get the barb thru the skin....relief...the shank slide right out.

So I know the pain he was in. I was more focused on the lure as I retrieved it from then on. Hahahaha

What's life without adventure, right?

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