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AZ OTC Archery Deer Units 16A, 15A/B Report/Advice?

AZ OTC Archery Deer Units 16A, 15A/B Report/Advice?

Looking for a buck this January (2013) on the AZ OTC archery deer tag (valid in various units Jan 1-31; 4 weeks in Aug/Sep(~8/24-9/13), and then again last 2 weeks of December).

We have spent 4 weekends scouting/hunting and have only seen a little sign (but no deer).

This is where we have looked:
1)  AZ Unit 15B; Northern Music Mountains; Iron Mountain & Garnet Mountain via Tenny Ranch Rd and other spur trails.  Saw a little deer sign.  No elk sign BTW - even up against the Hualapai reservation fence where some elk allegedly may sometimes be found.
2)  AZ Unit 16A; Hualapai Mountains south of I-40.  Saw some deer sign in the foothills on the north faces, just south of I-40 overlooking Kingman.  Also have seen minimal sign in the Antelope & Timber wash areas east of Blake Ranch Road.  But no deer.   Some sign also in the areas around Cedar Mine Road (below ~3500') near the Natural Corrals wash.  We also spent considerable time in the southern Hualapais south of Wikieup & Chicken Springs Road/County Rd 131 (e.g. Bonita Spring and the other nearby water sources).  VERY minimal sign that far south. 

Thinking about investigating the eastern Peacocks near Hackberry Rd next.

Beautiful and varied country, but very low deer concentrations it seems.  That's what I know.  Please let me know if you have any advice or knowledge you're willing to share (PM me if you like).  Thanks!

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