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Axis FMJ vs. Regular Axis

I have been shooting Axis ST, 400, since i got my bow and i absolutely love them. A coupel of weeks ago i splurged a baught myself 6 of the new Axis FMJ's, Full metal Jacket, and resited my bow to shoot them. Other than being a bit heavier than i like, 9.9 grains vs 9 grains, they seemed great at first. However after shooting them for a few days i began to notice strange flight patterns in a couple of them. I roled them on a table, fletching off of course:), and they were slightly bent. As i continued to shoot they all started getting slight curves in them. And god forbid you ever miss a target. With a full carbon arrow if it doesn't blow to pieces you can put it back in your quiver adn shoot it again. The FMJ's will hit the ground or whatever and not break but get a slight bend in them and they are worthless. Anyone else having problems with them or did i just get a bad batch? Every forum i've read so far do nothing but praise these news arrows but as for me i will never buy one again.

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