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atvs how to avoid them

we are looking to hunt first rifle east of meeker . we are planning to back pack in several miles and I don't want to work that hard only to come across an atv trail what are the rules in this vicinity I see there are jeep trails. can you avoid them if you stay away from the trails? or is it legal to ride them anywhere. I was thinking of the milk creek area. any insight would be appreciated thanks 

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I am not familiar with the

I am not familiar with the area you mentioned but getting away from the trails is the best way to get away from them. In all the places I hunt elk, an atv couldn't get them just "anywhere" because of downed timber, terrain etc. No matter where you go, guys will ride atv's on trails REGARDLESS of if it is legal or not. I'd just steer clear of those areas where it's possible for them to go.

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Get a Forest Service map and

Get a Forest Service map and learn to read which areas are legal for ATVS and which are not. 

But if you are hunting in the the Flat Tops Wilderness Area, they are not legal, and in most cases it is unlikely they will be able to get them in there illegally.


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Good luck

If you hunt around Milk Creek you're gonna see a lot of them. FS 250 is a pretty decent road last time I was on it. Some of the other FS roads were restricted from ATV's but that doesn't stop everyone. We hunted that area for over 10 years and you'll be hard pressed to get back into "wilderness". The best advice I can give is to echo the advice already given ...... hunt the wilderness areas. Flat Tops, Eagles Nest and others. I have never seen an ATV in the Wilderness Areas but I'm sure some get back there from time to time. Around Milk Creek and Sleepy Cat gets hunted pretty hard. Access is easy and that attracts a lot of hunters. That said, some of it is thick enough and rough enough where there aren't ATV trails covering it all. There are elk there but you'll probably have to work for them. A lot of it has to do with the weather. I shot a nice 5 X 5 on the Milk Creek side of Sleepy Cat some years back. It was the only elk I saw all season. Hardly any tracks, either. That was hunting third rifle season.

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