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Attention CA Hunters: This proposed Legislation affects YOU-

This is an example of the type of bills the "Humane" society of the US supports and how they spend the millions they scam from those who really want to help animals.

California is targeted first because its a stronghold for the anti-human crowd (animal rightists). Make no mistake. Their ultimate Goal is to ban ALL hunting. This is just a foot in the door.

California Bill Would Outlaw Field Trials
[Wednesday, April 26, 2006]

Assembly Bill 2110 was recently amended and the new language will affect certain AKC sanctioned events. The bill will prohibit "live lure coursing," which is now defined as "a competition in which dogs are, by the use of rabbits, hares, or foxes, assessed as to skill in hunting live rabbits, hares, or foxes." AB 2110 will effectively outlaw Beagle Field Trials, Basset Hound Field Trials and Dachshund Field Trials within the state of California.

The original intent of AB 2110 was to outlaw "live lure coursing," defined as "any activity in which a dog is left untethered and allowed to track and pursue any rabbit, hare, or fox and that results in the injury or death of the rabbit, hare, or fox." In AKC sanctioned events dogs trail the scent of an animal, but they do not kill the animal.

As amended, AB 2110 threatens the rights of Beagle, Bassett Hound, and Dachshund breeders and owners to prove the merits of their dogs as true working hounds, capable of performing tasks for which these breeds were originally developed. Individuals dedicated to continuing and refining the innate abilities of these scenthound breeds deserve the right to continue their pursuits, which in no way threaten the native rabbits tracked only by scent.

AB 2110 now eliminates that right and should be vigorously opposed by everyone committed to purebred dogs and working field trails, regardless of their personal breed.

California fanciers, field trial participants and concerned dog owners are encouraged to immediately contact their Assemblymember to express opposition to this new definition of "live lure coursing." Ask your representative to ensure that the bill is amended so that it will not negatively impact field trials which are enjoyed by so many, and which do not bring harm to the rabbits that are tracked.

What You Can Do:

Contact the bill sponsor and voice your opposition to AB 2110. Ask her to withdraw the bill from consideration.

The Honorable Loni Han####
State Capitol
Room 4126
Sacramento, CA 94249-0014
(916) 319-2014

Contact your own Assemblymember to express your concerns. To find out who represents you in California, visit: