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Arkansas hunt Ouachita NF area

My cousin and I are planning a hunt to Arkansas for next year. Kind of a tune up for a trip to Idaho the following year. Were looking at Ouachita National Forrest. Would like to have the opportunity for whitetail deer, possible black bear, bobcat, coyotes and boar. Would likely spend a few days each on whitetail and bear. Spending some evenings and nights calling for some varmits. How is this area? Is there many boar? How are the deer and bear populations? Any advice or info about the area would be appreciated. Also looking at doing some fishing in late mornings and early afternoons. Were looking to pack in several miles and set up camp for the 7 days. I have a few areas that I have picked out on topo maps that look good but as we all know looks can be deceiving. Thanks guys.


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Brett, welcome to BGH! Sorry

Brett, welcome to BGH! Sorry I can't help much with Arkansas. But I wanted to welcome you to the site. Hopefully somebody with more knowledge of what you're looking will jump on this thread. Tell us your story and post some pics after your hunt. Good luck to you.

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