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ARGO 8x8 750 HDi ?

I am looking to buy an amphibious ATV and my research has lead me to the ARGO 8x8 750 HDi
I am just wondering if any one has had any previous experiences with it?

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bumpy ride

my buddie has the 6x6 and it kicks ass out duck huntin, goes threw any mud and water with out gettin stuck crusis across rivers and ponds and is ok in mildly rough terrain. but in steep rocky terrain it is one bumpy ride, we tried goin up the mountain behind our house to chucker hunt and ended up getin out and walking the last quarter the way to the top.he got his in 96 and it has no suspension due to keeping the hull water tight ,dont know how the new ones are but that was the only draw back with his. 

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Argo HDI

I am the Argo dealer in Montana, I used my Argo HDI this year for everything from 4' of snow at 10,000 feet to horrible mud and duck ponds. They are great machines. If you would like more information please visit my website and contact me with any questions you may have.


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